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Kolkata Government Bus Service Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Government Bus Service  (symbolic picture)
Government Bus Service (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 01,2023) : Kolkata's government bus service celebrated its 75th anniversary on Monday, with a series of events and celebrations. The service was first launched in 1948 by then-Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy, and has since become a lifeline for the city's residents. The CSTC, which operates the bus service, currently runs a fleet of over 4,000 buses, and carries over 10 million passengers every day. The service covers all parts of Kolkata and its suburbs, and is an essential part of the city's public transportation network.

To mark the anniversary, the CSTC organized a number of events, including a rally of buses through the city, a blood donation camp, and a cultural program. The events were attended by government officials, CSTC employees, and members of the public.

In a speech at the event, CSTC Chairman Tapan Banerjee said that the bus service had played a "pivotal role" in the development of Kolkata. He said that the service would continue to play an important role in the city's future, and that the CSTC was committed to providing a safe and reliable service to its passengers. The 75th anniversary of the Kolkata government bus service is a significant milestone, and is a testament to the importance of public transportation in the city. The service has played a vital role in the lives of Kolkata's residents for generations, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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