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CBI active in investigation of municipal recruitment corruption case

Investigation of municipal recruitment corruption case
Investigation of municipal recruitment corruption case


IIE Digital Desk :  CBI is active in the investigation of municipal recruitment corruption case after the order of Calcutta High Court. This is the first time that Ayan Sheel has been interrogated by the Central Investigation Agency in the Presidency Jail. According to sources, Ayan avoided answering all the questions. CBI is also thinking of taking him for information.

Ayan Sheel's organization employs about 60 municipal workers in the state. It is alleged that four to eight lakh rupees were charged for the appointment of each post. Similarly, Ayan has collected about 45 crore rupees from PU corruption and at least 35 crore rupees from SSC corruption as commission. According to the calculations that came to the detectives, Ayan himself took a commission of around 80 crore rupees in connection with the SSC, TET-including teacher recruitment and municipal corruption. Detectives are on the lookout for more information.

Calcutta High Court in case of redeployment corruption. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay ordered a CBI probe into the case. However, according to the order of the Supreme Court, the bench of this case was changed. The hearing of this case is going on in the bench of Justice Amrita Sinha. He also ordered a CBI probe. Following the High Court's order, the CBI sought permission from the Alipore court to go to jail and interrogate Ayan Sheel in search of information about the case. The judge gave permission after examining all aspects. Ayan was then interrogated by the CBI officials at the Presidency Correctional Facility. He was interrogated for about three hours. Ayan has been accused of non-cooperation in the investigation. 

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