5 months ago

Calcutta High Court Division Bench Directs Submission of Report in SSC Recruitment Scam Case

Calcutta High Court
Calcutta High Court


IIE Digital Desk : A Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court has taken cognizance of the SSC recruitment scam case, issuing directives for the submission of a comprehensive report. The court's intervention adds a judicial dimension to the ongoing investigation, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in addressing allegations of malpractice within the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recruitment process.

The Division Bench at the Calcutta High Court has assumed a proactive role in overseeing the progress of the SSC recruitment scam case. The court's directive, calling for a detailed report, underscores the gravity of the allegations surrounding the recruitment process and signals a commitment to a thorough examination of the matter.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Division Bench's involvement in the case brings a heightened level of scrutiny to the alleged irregularities within the SSC recruitment system. The call for a comprehensive report signifies the court's dedication to ensuring a fair and impartial inquiry, addressing concerns about potential malpractice and upholding the integrity of the recruitment process.

This latest development in the Calcutta High Court serves as a pivotal moment in the trajectory of the SSC recruitment scam case, as the judicial system steps in to provide oversight and guidance in the pursuit of justice and accountability.

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