11 months ago

Wagner Group Remains in Ukraine, Ruble Trades Lower

Wagner Group (symbolic picture)
Wagner Group (symbolic picture)


Ukraine,(June 26,2023) : The Wagner Group, a Russian private military contractor, is still operating in Ukraine, according to a report by the UK Defense Ministry. The report said that the group is providing "significant combat power" to Russian forces, and that it is likely to play a role in the ongoing offensive in eastern Ukraine. The ruble is also trading lower against the dollar, as investors continue to worry about the impact of the war on the Russian economy. The currency has lost about half of its value since the start of the war, and it is now trading at its lowest level since 2016.

The decline of the ruble is a sign of the economic pain that Russia is facing as a result of the war. The sanctions imposed by the West have crippled the Russian economy, and they are likely to continue to have a negative impact in the months to come. The continued presence of the Wagner Group in Ukraine and the decline of the ruble are both signs that the war is having a significant impact on Russia. The conflict is not only causing human suffering, but it is also having a major impact on the Russian economy.

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