9 months ago

Historic Indian Club restaurant to close in London

Indian Club restaurant (symbolic picture)
Indian Club restaurant (symbolic picture)


London (August 23,2023) : The India Club, a historic Indian restaurant in London's Strand, is to close its doors after 70 years. The restaurant, which was founded in 1951, was a popular haunt for Indian nationalists and politicians, including Krishna Menon, who served as India's first High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. The restaurant's closure is a blow to the city's Indian community and to the history of Indian independence. The India Club was a symbol of the Indian diaspora in London and a place where people could come together to celebrate their culture and heritage.

The restaurant's closure is also a reflection of the changing demographics of London. The city is now home to a large and diverse population, and the India Club is no longer seen as a relevant or necessary space. The restaurant's owners have said that they are closing down due to financial difficulties. They have also said that they are unable to find a buyer for the business. The closure of the India Club is a sad day for London's Indian community and for the history of Indian independence. The restaurant was a beloved institution and a reminder of the city's rich Indian heritage.

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