11 months ago

Australian Journalist Cheng Lei Pens Heartbreaking Letter from Chinese Jail

Australian Journalist Cheng Lei Pens (symbolic picture)
Australian Journalist Cheng Lei Pens (symbolic picture)


Sydney (August 11,2023) : Australian journalist Cheng Lei, who has been detained in China for over two years, has penned a heartbreaking letter to her family and friends. In the letter, Lei describes her bleak prison conditions and her longing for her loved ones. "I miss the sun," Lei writes. "I miss the sound of birds singing. I miss my children's laughter. I miss my husband's touch."

Lei also describes the interrogation sessions she has been subjected to. "They ask me the same questions over and over again," she writes. "They tell me I am a spy. They say I have betrayed my country." Lei says she has no idea when she will be released. "I am losing hope," she writes. "But I will not give up." Lei's letter is a powerful reminder of the plight of foreign journalists who are detained in China. It is also a call for the Chinese government to release her and other detained journalists so that they can be reunited with their loved ones.

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