9 months ago

Shikha Sharma Accepts 'Maranattor Kriti Samman' on Behalf of Late Daughter Aindrila

Late Aindrila sharmaShikha Sharma (symbolic picture)
Late Aindrila sharmaShikha Sharma (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Emotions ran deep as Shikha Sharma, the mother of the late actress Aindrila Sharma, was honored with the esteemed "Maranattor Kriti Samman" in a poignant ceremony. The award ceremony turned into a heartfelt moment as Shikha Sharma couldn't hold back her tears while accepting the recognition on behalf of her departed daughter. The "Maranattor Kriti Samman" stands as a tribute to Aindrila Sharma's remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry, even after her passing. The award not only commemorates her talent but also acknowledges the profound impact she left on the hearts of her admirers.

As Shikha Sharma stood on the stage, the mixture of pride and grief was palpable. Her tears spoke volumes about the bond they shared and the bittersweetness of the moment. The event highlighted the indomitable spirit of a mother who carries her daughter's legacy forward. The honor bestowed upon Shikha Sharma serves as a reminder that Aindrila Sharma's legacy continues to shine brightly. The emotional acceptance of the award underscored the deep connection between artist and audience, even beyond the realms of life.

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