3 weeks ago

Probhath Roy and Ekta Bhattacharya Launch New Production House

Probhath Roy and Ekta Bhattacharya (symbolic picture)
Probhath Roy and Ekta Bhattacharya (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Probhath Roy and actress Ekta Bhattacharya are teaming up to launch a new production house, marking an exciting development in the entertainment industry. This collaboration aims to produce high-quality films and television content, leveraging their combined expertise and creative vision.

The duo is eager to bring fresh and innovative stories to the screen, catering to diverse audiences. Probhath Roy, known for his directorial excellence, and Ekta Bhattacharya, celebrated for her acting prowess, believe their joint venture will set new benchmarks in the industry. They plan to focus on a variety of genres, from gripping dramas to light-hearted comedies, ensuring a rich and varied slate of productions.

Their new production house will also provide a platform for emerging talent, offering opportunities to writers, directors, and actors to showcase their skills. By fostering new talent and experimenting with different storytelling techniques, Roy and Bhattacharya aim to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of Indian cinema and television.

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