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Naseeruddin Shah Condemns the Rising Fashionability of Hate Against Muslims

Naseeruddin Shah (file picture)
Naseeruddin Shah (file picture)


IIE Digital Desk: Actor Naseeruddin Shah has voiced his concern over the alarming trend of hate against Muslims, stating that it has unfortunately become fashionable and is being cleverly tapped into by the ruling government. In a candid interview, Shah expressed his disapproval of this disturbing phenomenon and shed light on the insidious manipulation taking place.

Speaking passionately about the current socio-political climate, Naseeruddin Shah highlighted the distressing rise in Islamophobia and the targeting of Muslims, observing that it has tragically become a trend rather than an isolated occurrence. He pointed out that the ruling government, with cunning precision, has capitalized on this regressive sentiment, further exacerbating the division within society. Shah emphasized the need for unity and empathy in his poignant remarks, urging people to rise above the politics of hate and fear. He underscored the importance of recognizing the insidious nature of this fashionable hatred and called for a collective effort to counteract it.

Naseeruddin Shah, known for his fearless stance on social issues, did not mince words as he criticized the ruling government's role in perpetuating this toxic narrative. He highlighted the danger of using hate as a tool for political gains and warned against the lasting damage it could inflict on the fabric of Indian society.Shah has been revered throughout his career for his insightful observations and unwavering commitment to speaking truth to power. By addressing the issue of hate against Muslims and its fashionable appeal, he continues to use his platform to shed light on societal injustices and promote a more inclusive and compassionate India.

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