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India Set to Become Key Manufacturing Hub for Apple as 18% of iPhone Production Shifts

Apple Phone(File Image)
Apple Phone(File Image)


June 14, 2023 : According to a report, Bank of America predicts that Apple might relocate approximately 18% of its iPhone production to India by fiscal year 2025. The move is seen as part of Apple's ongoing efforts to diversify its manufacturing base and reduce dependence on China.

Bank of America's analysis suggests that Apple aims to take advantage of India's growing smartphone market and leverage the country's favorable policies and incentives for domestic production. By shifting a significant portion of iPhone production to India, Apple could benefit from lower production costs, reduced supply chain risks, and increased market access. The report indicates that Apple's move aligns with the Indian government's "Make in India" initiative, which promotes domestic manufacturing and aims to position India as a global manufacturing hub. It is also expected to boost job creation and local investment in the smartphone manufacturing sector.

Apple has been gradually increasing its presence in India, with the company already manufacturing some iPhone models in the country. The Bank of America report suggests that Apple's strategy of expanding production in India is a proactive response to geopolitical risks and trade tensions. By diversifying its manufacturing operations, Apple aims to mitigate risks associated with disruptions in the global supply chain and regulatory challenges. The company has been exploring alternative production locations outside of China to ensure business continuity and cater to the growing demand for its products worldwide.

Apple's potential decision to shift a significant portion of iPhone production to India by fiscal year 2025 reflects the country's increasing importance as a manufacturing destination for global technology giants. It highlights India's potential to become a key player in the global electronics and smartphone manufacturing landscape.

Overall, the predicted shift in iPhone production to India signifies Apple's strategic decision to tap into India's market potential and leverage the benefits of local manufacturing. It also demonstrates India's attractiveness as a manufacturing destination and reinforces the country's position in the global supply chain.

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