West Bengal

8 months ago

Tamralipta Medical College authority in a fix over vagrants in hospital

Tamralipta Medical College (symbolic picture)
Tamralipta Medical College (symbolic picture)


Tamluk (August 23,2023) : The authority of Tamralipta Medical College in Midnapore is in a fix over the vagrants who have been frequenting the hospital premises. The vagrants have been harassing patients and their relatives, demanding money and stealing their belongings. The authority has tried to drive away the vagrants on several occasions, but they have returned. The authority has now decided to deploy police to patrol the hospital premises regularly. They are also planning to build a shelter home for the vagrants.

The patients and their relatives have welcomed the move by the authority. They have said that the vagrants have been a major nuisance and have made it difficult for them to visit the hospital. The authority has said that they are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for patients and their relatives. They have assured that they will take all necessary measures to ensure that the vagrants are not allowed to enter the hospital premises.

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