West Bengal

10 months ago

PM Modi to Meet 430 MPs in 11 Groups for In-Depth Discussions

PM Modi to Meeting (symbolic picture)
PM Modi to Meeting (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (July 28,2023) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has scheduled a series of meetings with 430 Members of Parliament (MPs) from July 31st to August 10th. The meetings will be organized in 11 groups, facilitating comprehensive discussions and exchanges of ideas between the Prime Minister and the parliamentarians. The decision to convene these meetings reflects the government's commitment to engage with representatives from across the political spectrum. During these sessions, Prime Minister Modi aims to gather insights and feedback on various issues pertaining to governance and public welfare.

The interaction will serve as an opportunity for MPs to voice concerns, offer suggestions, and participate in constructive dialogues with the Prime Minister. This collaborative approach underscores the essence of participatory governance and strengthens the democratic fabric of the nation.

The 11 group meetings will provide a platform for in-depth discussions on specific topics, allowing the Prime Minister to address regional concerns and tailor policies accordingly. This initiative is expected to foster a closer relationship between the government and the MPs, promoting synergy in the decision-making process. As the nation navigates various challenges and strives to achieve sustainable growth, the series of meetings with MPs holds immense significance in shaping a collective vision for the country's development. The forthcoming interactions exemplify the government's dedication to inclusive governance, where the voices of elected representatives resonate in the corridors of power.

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