West Bengal

10 months ago

Ohidul Islam Arrested After Bhangor Clash

Ohidul Islam (symbolic picture)
Ohidul Islam (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (July 26,2023) : In the aftermath of the intense clash in Bhangor, the police have swiftly taken action, arresting Ohidul Islam in Duttapukur. The arrest comes as a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the clash that has exacerbated political tensions in the region. Ohidul Islam's apprehension is believed to be linked to his alleged involvement in the clash, which has been a cause of concern for the authorities. The police's proactive stance in making the arrest showcases their commitment to restoring law and order in the area.

The incident in Bhangor has garnered considerable attention, and Ohidul Islam's arrest is likely to have implications on the prevailing situation in the region. The public and political circles are closely monitoring the unfolding events and the police's efforts to bring those responsible to justice. As the investigation progresses, the spotlight remains on the political ramifications of the Bhangor clash. The arrest of Ohidul Islam adds another layer of complexity to the situation in 24 Parganas, leaving the region on edge as it grapples with the aftermath of the incident.

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