West Bengal

10 months ago

Fear Grips Nadia Village After Political Violence

Political Violence (symbolic picture)
Political Violence (symbolic picture)


Chapda (July 10,2023) : The village of Kalyandaha in Nadia district, West Bengal, is still reeling from the political violence that took place there on June 20. The violence, which left at least 10 people dead and several others injured, has left the villagers living in fear. The violence was sparked by a panchayat election. The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were vying for control of the village. On the day of the election, there were clashes between supporters of the two parties. The clashes quickly turned violent, and soon the entire village was engulfed in chaos.

In the aftermath of the violence, the villagers are now living in fear. They are afraid to leave their homes, and they are afraid to talk to strangers. They are also afraid of reprisals from the TMC, which is the dominant party in the area. The violence in Kalyandaha is a reminder of the political violence that has plagued West Bengal for many years. The state has a long history of political rivalry, and this rivalry has often turned violent. The violence in Kalyandaha is a sign that this violence is still a problem in the state.

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