West Bengal

1 week ago

Crackdown on Electricity Theft in Howrah Unveils Widespread Irregularities

Electricity Theft (symbolic picture)
Electricity Theft (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : A recent crackdown on electricity theft in Howrah has revealed alarming levels of irregularities in the city. During the operation conducted by local authorities and power utility officials, several instances of illegal connections and tampering with meters were uncovered. The crackdown, which targeted various residential and commercial areas, aimed to curb the rampant practice of electricity theft that undermines the revenue of the power distribution company and poses safety risks to the public. Officials seized equipment used for illegal connections and initiated legal actions against offenders.

Electricity theft not only results in financial losses but also strains the power distribution infrastructure, leading to frequent outages and disruptions for law-abiding consumers. The authorities have urged residents to report any suspicious activities related to electricity consumption to prevent such malpractices. Efforts are underway to enhance monitoring and enforcement measures to deter future incidents of electricity theft in Howrah. The crackdown underscores the commitment to ensure fair and equitable distribution of electricity resources across the city.

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