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'Mungerjung' village near Kalingpong - your new summer destination

Mungerjung village near Kalingpong
Mungerjung village near Kalingpong


The mind yearns for a piece of coolness in the heat. People want to wander around in a little silence. Those who want to go to the mountains in such a world of silence, come to 'Mungerjung' village. Instead of Darjeeling-Duars, Mungerjung should be your destination for this summer vacation. For a few days you can visit the small hill village of Mungerjung. We can confidently say that Mungerjung will not fail you.

This village is located at a distance of 20-22 km from Kalimpong town. Another form of Teesta can be seen from this village. Although there are no hotels in this village, there are some homestays. But before coming here, definitely book a homestay. The cost of these homestays is between 1200 to 1500 rupees. This village has a large amount of tea gardens. This village is still unknown to many. Teesta River flows right in front of the homestays here. Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from here. First you have to reach Rangpo by share car to come to this village. From there you can easily reach Mungerjung by booking a private car.

How to go  - You can hire a car directly from NGP. You can rent a car even after reaching Kalingpong.

Stay - There are many homestays now. The rent is not high. But it is better to book in advance.

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