4 weeks ago

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Issues Notice to Yusuf Pathan Over Land Encroachment

Yusuf Pathan (symbolic picture)
Yusuf Pathan (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Yusuf Pathan, former cricketer and Vadodara resident, has been served a notice by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) for allegedly encroaching upon a plot of land in Gujarat. The VMC claims that Pathan has unlawfully occupied the land in question, situated in the city's vicinity. This notice marks a formal step by the civic body to address the alleged encroachment issue.

Pathan, known for his contributions to Indian cricket, has yet to respond publicly to the allegations. The VMC's notice requires him to provide a response and take necessary actions within a stipulated timeframe, failing which legal measures might be pursued. The issue has sparked local interest, with residents and authorities closely monitoring developments. Encroachments on public or private land are a significant concern across urban India, often triggering legal actions and disputes. The case involving Pathan underscores the importance of adherence to land laws and regulations, ensuring equitable land use and urban planning.

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