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Supreme Court Justice Joseph Calls for Prompt Action Against Religions Inciting Violence

Supreme Court Justice KM Joseph
Supreme Court Justice KM Joseph


IIE Digital Desk:In his final day as a judge, Supreme Court Justice KM Joseph emphasized the need for prompt measures against religious violence, irrespective of the religion perpetuating it. Known for delivering significant judgments on hate speech and religious violence, Justice Joseph expressed his concerns regarding the escalating issue multiple times throughout his tenure. Wednesday marked his last hearing before his retirement on June 16.

During his final case, which deliberated on whether the Supreme Court should issue guidelines to curb hate speech, Justice KM Joseph's bench underscored the urgency to take swift action. He asserted, "The country's interest should be the sole focus, disregarding any other considerations. If religious violence can be effectively addressed without any bias towards religion or other factors, then there will be no impediments. This is how the rule of law can be established in the country." Justice Joseph has consistently advocated for communal harmony, reiterating his stance on his last day as a judge.

Notably, Justice Joseph rejected a case concerning changing the name of a city based on religious grounds. Despite being a Christian, he expressed his admiration for Hinduism, stating, "Though I am a Christian, I hold great respect for Hinduism. The profound Hindu religion should not be diminished. The Upanishads, Vedas, and Bhagavad Gita contain invaluable teachings that elevate Hinduism to extraordinary heights. We should take pride in this religion and ensure that its ideals are not disparaged."

Justice KM Joseph's unwavering commitment to promoting communal harmony and his firm stance against religious violence has been a notable aspect of his judicial career. As he concludes his tenure, his words serve as a reminder of the imperative to swiftly address and eradicate religious violence in order to establish a society governed by the rule of law.

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