9 months ago

Indian Woman Marries Pakistani Facebook Friend in Landmark Interfaith Ceremony

India and  Pakistan Love (symbolic picture)
India and Pakistan Love (symbolic picture)


New Delhi (July 26,2023) : An Indian woman has married her Pakistani Facebook friend in a landmark interfaith ceremony. The wedding took place in the Indian city of Jaipur on Wednesday, and was attended by family and friends from both countries. The bride, Anju, is a 28-year-old from Rajasthan. She met her husband, Nasarullah, on Facebook two years ago. They quickly fell in love, and decided to get married despite the religious divide between them.

The couple's families were initially opposed to the marriage, but they eventually came around. The wedding was a small, private ceremony, but it was a significant moment for both India and Pakistan. It is the first time that an interfaith marriage between an Indian and a Pakistani has been held in Jaipur. The wedding has been met with mixed reactions, but it has also been praised by some as a symbol of hope for peace between the two countries.

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