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Cyclone Biparjoy Ravages Gujarat, Sets Course for Rajasthan

Cyclone Biparjoy (symbolic picture)
Cyclone Biparjoy (symbolic picture)


Gujrat (June 16,2023) :Cyclone Biparjoy left a trail of destruction in Gujarat before setting its sights on Rajasthan. The cyclonic storm, known for its unpredictable nature, made its presence felt in the coastal areas of Gujarat, wreaking havoc and instilling fear among residents. With wind speeds reaching up to 160 kilometers per hour, the cyclone battered several districts of Gujarat, causing extensive damage to infrastructure, uprooting trees, and leaving a vast number of homes in ruins at least  two people were killed and 22 others injured. The coastal regions bore the brunt of Biparjoy's wrath, with heavy rainfall adding to the misery. Rescue and relief operations were immediately launched by the state government, in collaboration with various agencies, to mitigate the impact of the cyclone and provide aid to affected communities.

As Biparjoy heads towards Rajasthan, authorities are on high alert, anticipating its potential impact on the state. The Rajasthan government has already initiated precautionary measures, including the evacuation of vulnerable areas and the deployment of disaster response teams. District administrations have been instructed to remain vigilant and prepared to tackle any emergency situations that may arise.
The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has been closely monitoring Cyclone Biparjoy's trajectory and issuing regular updates to ensure the safety of citizens. The IMD has urged residents in the affected regions to exercise caution, follow evacuation protocols, and stay updated with the latest weather advisories. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of this destructive cyclone, it highlights the importance of disaster preparedness and prompt response measures. The resilience and unity of the affected communities, coupled with the efforts of the government and various agencies, will be crucial in restoring normalcy and rebuilding the lives of those impacted by Cyclone Biparjoy's wrath.

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