8 months ago

Chennai Police Kill Two Suspected Criminals in Encounter

Criminals in Encounter (symbolic picture)
Criminals in Encounter (symbolic picture)


Chennai (August 01,2023) : Two suspected criminals were killed in an encounter with police in Chennai on Tuesday. The police said that the two men were wanted in connection with a series of robberies and murders. The encounter took place in the early hours of the morning, when the police were conducting a raid on a suspected hideout of the criminals. The two men opened fire on the police, and the police returned fire, killing them both.

The police said that they recovered a cache of weapons and ammunition from the hideout. They also said that the two men were involved in a number of crimes, including the robbery of a jewelry store and the murder of a businessman. The encounter has been welcomed by the public, who have been demanding action against criminals. The police have said that they will continue to crack down on crime in Chennai.

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