1 month ago

Bomb Threat Emails Target 10 Schools in Kanpur

Bomb Threat (symbolic picture)
Bomb Threat (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Ten schools in Kanpur have received bomb threat emails, sparking panic and concern among students, parents, and authorities. The threatening messages, sent via email, have prompted heightened security measures in the affected schools. Authorities are taking the threats seriously and have launched investigations to trace the origin of the emails. Police personnel have been deployed to the schools to ensure the safety of students and staff while thorough searches are conducted.

Parents have expressed anxiety over the safety of their children and are demanding swift action from authorities to apprehend those responsible for the threats. The incident has disrupted normal school activities and caused distress in the local community. The threats come at a time of heightened security awareness, with authorities remaining vigilant against potential security risks. School administrations are working closely with law enforcement agencies to address the situation and reassure students and parents.

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