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Bengaluru Police Foil Terror Plot, Arrest 5 Suspects

Bengalore (Feature Image)
Bengalore (Feature Image)


July 19, 2023 : The Bengaluru Police have arrested five suspected terrorists and seized a cache of explosives and weapons. The suspects were allegedly planning to carry out a bomb blast in the city. The arrests were made by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) of the Bengaluru Police. The CCB had been tracking the suspects for some time and had gathered intelligence that they were planning a major terrorist attack.
On Wednesday, the CCB raided a house in the Bengaluru suburb of Peenya and arrested the five suspects. The suspects have been identified as Syed Suhel, Umar, Janid, Mudasir, and Zahid.

The CCB recovered a cache of explosives and weapons from the house, including four grenades, seven country-made pistols, 42 live bullets, two daggers, two satellite phones, and material used to make explosives.
The suspects are believed to be members of a terrorist organization that is based in the Middle East. They are suspected of having received training in explosives and weapons handling.

The Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Kamal Pant, said that the arrests had foiled a major terrorist attack. He said that the police were still investigating the case and that more arrests were expected.
The arrests have come as a major relief to the people of Bengaluru. The city has been on high alert in recent months, following a number of terrorist attacks in other parts of the country.

The police have urged the people of Bengaluru to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.
The arrests of the five suspected terrorists are a major victory for the Bengaluru Police and a testament to their dedication to keeping the city safe. The people of Bengaluru can rest assured that the police are doing everything they can to protect them from harm.

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