10 months ago

Kolkata Municipality Worried About Dangerous Houses in Monsoon

Dangerous Houses kolkata (symbolic picture)
Dangerous Houses kolkata (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (June 28,2023) : The Kolkata Municipality has raised concerns about the safety of dangerous houses in the city during the monsoon season. The municipality has said that it is worried about the possibility of these houses collapsing due to heavy rains and flooding. The municipality has identified over 1,000 dangerous houses in Kolkata. These houses are mostly located in old and dilapidated areas of the city. The municipality has said that it will be taking steps to vacate these houses and to ensure the safety of the people living in them.

The municipality has also said that it will be conducting awareness campaigns in these areas to educate people about the dangers of living in dangerous houses. The municipality has said that it is important for people to vacate these houses as soon as possible.

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