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Work-from-home and part-time job scams leading cyber crimes in India

Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime


IIE Digital Desk:In 2023, Work from Home (WFH) and part-time job scams have emerged as the leading cyber crimes in India, surpassing illegal lending apps, according to the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), a division of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Rajesh Kumar, the CEO of I4C, highlighted these alarming trends during the Annual Press Conference held at the media center.

Kumar emphasized that cybercriminals predominantly target potential victims through digital ads, online messaging platforms, and bulk SMS. He urged the public to remain vigilant and steer clear of such fraudulent schemes. The I4C continuously works on identifying and halting these fraudulent activities upon receiving reports.

Following WFH scams, illegal lending apps rank as the second most prevalent tool utilized by scam artists to defraud individuals. These apps often operate from countries such as China, Cambodia, and Myanmar, prompting the Indian government to collaborate with foreign authorities to address cybercriminal activities. The CEO revealed that 595 suspicious apps have been blocked, while 395 instant loan apps approved by the RBI have been whitelisted. Moreover, measures such as reporting suspicious apps to tech giants like Google and Facebook and flagging mule accounts to financial institutions are undertaken to curb these scams.

Customer Care Number manipulation and Android malware constitute the third significant source of cyber fraud. This involves the use of fake customer care numbers or the installation of Android malware to pilfer credentials, such as OTPs, from unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, Rajesh Kumar highlighted the prevalence of impersonation and sextortion as other prevalent fraudulent tactics employed by cybercriminals. He disclosed that WFH scams dominate reported fraud cases, while sextortion operations are frequently traced to Mewat. Notably, approximately 19,000 sextortion cases were reported this year, although many instances go unreported due to various reasons.

The CEO stressed the importance of increased awareness and caution among the public to avoid falling victim to these cyber scams, urging individuals to report any suspicious activities promptly.

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