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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Engages in Critical Talks with PM Modi on Global AI Regulation

Sam Altman and Narendra Modi
Sam Altman and Narendra Modi


New Delhi (June 9, 2023): Renowned AI expert and CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, recently held a crucial meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the global regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). The meeting took place against the backdrop of escalating concerns regarding AI technology's ethical use and potential consequences.

During the high-level encounter, Altman shared his expertise and insights on the pressing need for a comprehensive regulatory framework encompassing AI technologies globally. Recognizing the transformative power of AI, Altman emphasized the significance of striking a balance between innovation and regulation to foster responsible AI development and deployment.

Prime Minister Modi expressed his deep appreciation for Altman's visit and acknowledged the importance of international collaboration in addressing the emerging challenges associated with AI. The discussion also delved into the potential impact of AI in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and governance, and the necessity to build a robust ecosystem that encourages innovation while upholding ethical standards.

Both Altman and Prime Minister Modi underscored the need for collaborative efforts among nations to create a unified regulatory approach for AI that ensures transparency, accountability, and safeguards against any potential misuse of the technology. They agreed that an inclusive, global dialogue involving policymakers, industry leaders, and experts would be instrumental in shaping AI regulations.

Altman's meeting with Prime Minister Modi highlights the growing recognition of AI's transformative potential and the urgent need for a collective response to harness its benefits while mitigating risks. As the world grapples with the challenges posed by AI, such high-level engagements pave the way for meaningful discussions and collaborative solutions to shape the future of this rapidly evolving technology.

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