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Apple Acquires AR Startup Mira in $100 Million Deal

Apple Mira(Feature Image)
Apple Mira(Feature Image)


June 12, 2023 : Apple has acquired augmented reality (AR) startup Mira, a company that develops AR software for businesses. The deal, which was reportedly worth $100 million, is Apple's latest move into the AR market. Mira was founded in 2016 by Ben Taft and has raised $17 million in funding from investors such as Initialized Capital, First Round Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz. The company's software allows businesses to create AR experiences for their customers and employees.

Apple has been working on its own AR headset for several years and is expected to release it in 2023. The acquisition of Mira could give Apple access to Mira's technology and expertise, which could help the company speed up the development of its own AR headset.The acquisition of Mira is a sign of Apple's commitment to the AR market. AR is seen as the next big computing platform after smartphones and could revolutionize the way people interact with computers. Apple is one of several tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, that are investing heavily in AR.

It is still unclear how Apple plans to use Mira's technology. However, the acquisition could signal that Apple is planning to launch its own AR software development kit (SDK) that would allow developers to create AR apps for its AR headset. The acquisition of Mira is a significant development in the AR market and could help Apple become a leader in this emerging technology.

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