10 months ago

Landslide in Nagaland Crushes Cars, Kills 2

Nagaland Crushes Cars (symbolic picture)
Nagaland Crushes Cars (symbolic picture)


Dimapur, Nagaland (July 5, 2023) - A landslide in Nagaland killed two people and injured three others on Tuesday. The landslide occurred on the Kohima-Dimapur National Highway near Chumoukedima. A massive boulder came crashing down a hill and crushed two cars that were parked on the side of the road. The two people who were killed were identified as Suresh and Ramesh. The three injured people were taken to a nearby hospital.

The landslide was caused by heavy rains that have been falling in the area for the past few days. The road has been closed to traffic while the debris is cleared. This is the latest in a series of landslides that have occurred in Nagaland in recent years. In 2017, a landslide killed 14 people in the town of Mokochung. Landslides are a common problem in Nagaland, which is located in a mountainous region. The state is prone to heavy rains and earthquakes, which can trigger landslides.

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