10 months ago

'Hijack!': Man arrested on Vistara Mumbai-Delhi flight after shouting this word

Man Arrested for Shouting "Hijack!" on Vistara Flight
Man Arrested for Shouting "Hijack!" on Vistara Flight


IIE digital Desk: A passenger was apprehended after shouting the word "hijack" on a Vistara flight, leading to a delay of four hours as stringent safety measures were implemented.

The incident occurred during the flight, prompting the flight crew to immediately alert the authorities. The passenger in question was swiftly identified and taken into custody by the relevant authorities for further investigation.

As per standard safety protocols, the airline followed necessary procedures, including a thorough security check of the aircraft and re-screening of passengers and their baggage. These measures were taken to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and crew members.

Due to the implementation of the safety protocol, the flight experienced a delay of four hours, inconveniencing passengers who were eagerly awaiting their scheduled arrival. However, the airline prioritized the safety and security of everyone on board and took appropriate action to address the situation.

Such incidents serve as a reminder of the crucial importance of adhering to aviation safety regulations and the need for swift action in response to any potential threats or disruptions. Airlines and authorities are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for air travel, and incidents like these are handled with utmost seriousness.

Passengers and crew members are encouraged to report any suspicious or concerning behavior to the authorities immediately to ensure the prompt resolution of any potential threats. The incident aboard the Vistara flight underscores the significance of collective vigilance and cooperation in maintaining a secure aviation environment.

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