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Cops take female wrestler to WFI chief's house, TMC seeks probe: ‘Unfathomable and shocking’

Sangeeta Phogat during wrestlers' protest march towards new Parliament building
Sangeeta Phogat during wrestlers' protest march towards new Parliament building


IIE Digital desk:A female wrestler was escorted by the police to the residence of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief, causing a stir. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has demanded a thorough investigation into the incident, labeling it as unfathomable and shocking.

According to reports, the wrestler, whose identity remains undisclosed, was accompanied by police officers to the home of the WFI chief. The exact circumstances and reasons behind this unusual development are yet to be revealed. However, the incident has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among the public and political circles.

The TMC, expressing deep concern, has called for a comprehensive probe into the matter. They believe that such an incident raises questions about the integrity of the wrestling administration and the treatment of female athletes. The party has stressed the need for a swift and transparent investigation to establish the facts and determine whether any wrongdoing took place.

As news of this incident spread, wrestling enthusiasts and members of the sporting community expressed their astonishment and demanded answers. The athlete's well-being and the potential implications of the police escort have become subjects of intense speculation.

The Wrestling Federation of India is yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident. As the situation unfolds, the public eagerly awaits clarification on the circumstances surrounding the wrestler's visit to the WFI chief's residence and the nature of the police involvement.

This incident comes as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding the welfare of athletes, particularly women, and upholding the principles of fairness and transparency in sports administration. The incident has not only cast a shadow on the wrestling fraternity but also reignited the broader debate on athlete rights and protection within India's sporting ecosystem.

As the public demands answers and the TMC seeks accountability, it is hoped that a thorough investigation will shed light on the events leading up to the wrestler's visit to the WFI chief's home. The outcome of this inquiry will be crucial in addressing concerns, ensuring justice, and restoring faith in the sporting system.

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