1 month ago

India Monitors Kyrgyzstan Situation, Urges Students to Remain Indoors

Kyrgyzstan situation (symbolic picture)
Kyrgyzstan situation (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : India remains vigilant and advises its students in the country to stay indoors. The Indian government is closely monitoring the situation amid reports of unrest and protests in several regions of Kyrgyzstan. Concerns for the safety and well-being of Indian citizens, particularly students studying in Kyrgyzstan, have prompted Indian authorities to issue precautionary advisories. Students have been urged to avoid unnecessary travel and to stay indoors until the situation stabilizes.

The unrest in Kyrgyzstan follows recent political developments and demonstrations in the country, raising concerns about potential risks to public safety and security. Indian diplomatic missions in Kyrgyzstan are actively engaged in assessing the situation and providing assistance to Indian nationals as needed.

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