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Japan Ambassador to India Hiroshi Suzuki Dances to Rajinikanth's 'Kaavaalaa' Song

Japan Ambassador and Hiroshi Suzuki (symbolic picture)
Japan Ambassador and Hiroshi Suzuki (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Japan's Ambassador to India Hiroshi Suzuki has taken the internet by storm after he was seen dancing to the popular Tamil song "Kaavaalaa" from the film "Jailer". The video, which was shared on Twitter by Suzuki's official account, has been viewed over 1 million times and has received thousands of likes and comments. In the video, Suzuki can be seen grooving to the song's catchy beats, even throwing in a few dance moves. He is also seen wearing a Rajinikanth t-shirt, further cementing his love for the superstar.

Suzuki's dance video has been met with widespread praise from netizens, who have called him a "true fan" of Rajinikanth. Some have even joked that he should consider a career in dancing. This is not the first time that Suzuki has shown his love for Rajinikanth. In the past, he has also shared pictures of himself meeting the actor and posing with his merchandise.

Suzuki's dance video is a testament to the popularity of Rajinikanth in Japan. The actor has a huge fan following in the country, and his films are often screened in theaters. The video has also sparked a conversation about the cultural ties between India and Japan. Many netizens have praised Suzuki for his love of Indian culture, and have called for more cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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